Candidates for 2nd Vice District Governor

Julian Austin

Julian Austin

Fellow Lions of District A-711 I have been endorsed by my Club, Malvern Onyx and Region 58 to seek the Office of 2nd Vice Governor of our District. I am qualified for this position in many ways, Academically and being a Lion that gets things done in Service. You may recall I contested for this very same office twice, as recently as our last election, 2019. Unfortunately, the decision did not go my way.

I am a strong and dedicated Lion to my club, Zone, Region, District, Multiple and Lions Club International. I have represented our District well over the years.

  • Zone Chair Region 58 2011-2012
  • Region Chair 2013-2014
  • Cabinet member 2011-2019
  • GMTC East 2017-2018
  • GMTC 2018-2019
  • Faculty Development Graduate 2017-2018
  • Gift of Life Be a donor chair 2017-2019

I am a Candidate for 2nd Vice District Governor 2020-2021. I look forward for your support


Lion Julian M Austin
Graduate of Lions University.

Dr. Shafi Bhuiyan MD, MPH, MBA, PhD

Lion Dr. Shafi Bhuiyan MD, MPH, MBA, PhD

Fellow Lions,
As we all know that together we are stronger; I am ready and willing to serve our community in collaboration with you, to listen earnestly to you, and to help make our clubs, district goals and dreams a reality. Today, I urge you to consider me as your 2VDG for 2020-2021 Dist. A711 so that we can work together towards making positive changes.

Since 1987, I joined the Lions Club through Leo clubs and became the Leo district president in 1991 and Lions club president in 1996. As a member of Scarborough Central Lions clubs in 2012-2014 I also joined Lions Dist. A711 as Youth exchange dist. co-chair and Leo club advisor; since 1996, I served several leadership positions including Lions club charter secretary, club president, zone chair, and district Lions campus chair.

As a Lions member, we know that the Lions personifies empathy, kindness and initiative in action. The incredible work that our lions do demonstrates the power of caring people and coming together; people like you, and me. There is a strength that comes from all of us by joining forces towards a common goal, and there is an inspiration to be drawn from strong collaboration. Let's support and continue to be invested in fostering collaborative efforts and making our community stronger. I am willing to work hard in collaboration with you and for our community; so that we can envision a space where no voice is unheard and no person is left behind.

As Lions move in groups, in prides. I am proud to be a lion because WE SERVE. Being a Lion is about leading by example and ensuring that every member is engaged. I look forward to the opportunity to engage fellow lions, who represent the leaders of the past, present, and future. We look forward to working together to bring in more members;

The objective is to reinforce our values so that current members are reminded of how impactful it is to be a part of the lion's service movement motivated by kindness and community betterment. We lions truly believe more hands, more services. I come to this role with global leadership experiences, a strong ethical compass that can point us in the right direction, and a willingness to get things done in collaboration with you all in our district. To play a pivotal part in the Lions district narrative would be my greatest honour.

As a guiding Lion it's my honour in collaboration with our clubs we have recruited many Leos and Lions globally and established 2 Leo clubs and 3 Lions clubs. Through our Toronto Global Doctors Lions Club team leadership effort we sponsored two new Lions club and another new club sponsorship in progress; I have recruited 75+ Lion members since October 2018. In recognition of my leadership and community service, I have received numerous leadership and community services awards, including the Helen Keller Fellowship, Newman Diabetes Award 2019, Master of Success award 2019 and Melvin Jones Fellowship.

To learn more about my professional work and more passionate services please visit my website.

It is my hope that all of you consider my candidacy and vote for me in upcoming 2VDG election to help create this chapter of our district's success. As we all for one and one for all and together, we serve through diversity. Your vote matters! I want your vote.

Thank you for listening and I look forward to the possibility of serving as your 2VDG for 2020-2021.

Always moving forward.

Dr. Shafi Bhuiyan MJF, MBBS, MPH, MBA, PhD
Region Chair & Dist. Lions Campus Chair and
2nd Vice District Governor Candidate [2020-2021]

Sandy Heeralal-Judhan

Sandy Heeralal-Judhan


Thank you all very much for mentoring and supporting me through my journey in Lionism. It is truly rewarding and satisfying to work with Fellow Lions who give their time unselfishly to reach New Horizons by nurturing and fostering healthier communities.

My Club, Toronto Centennial Lions Club has endorsed me to seek the position of 2nd Vice District Governor for the year 2020-2021.

Given the opportunity to serve in this capacity, I will work closely with our District Governor and our 1st Vice District Governor. Through Membership Growth, Instrumental Leadership and Humble Service we can accomplish our Goals.

Our Immediate Past International President, Gudrun Yngvadottir introduced us to the “Lions New Voices” Project. We in Canada, will be entering our next 100 Years of Service in 2020.

I am asking for your support to be that “New Voice” as my journey continues through Service in Lionism.

Thank You Very Much!

Lion Sandy Heeralal-Judhan
District A-711 GMT Coordinator