As provided by Lions Clubs International (LCI) Standard Constitution & By-Laws (C&BL) Article II Section 6 (revised June 25, 2020), in event of a vacancy arising in the office of first or second vice district governor, I convened a meeting of the Immediate Past District Governor (IPDG), First Vice District Governor (FVDG), Second Vice District Governor (SVDG), and all Past International Officers. The aforementioned meeting was held today Saturday 3 October 2020 and it was the duty of the attendees at this meeting to appoint a qualified club member as FVDG or SVDG for the remainder of the term 2020-2021. Each Lion who was entitled to receive an invitation to attend and was present at the said meeting was entitled to cast one vote for the Lion of his/her choice.

At the conclusion of the said meeting, SVDG Lion Sandy HEERALAL-JUDHAN was elected as FVDG, and NAMIC RC58 Lion Ferdinand CORONEL was elected as SVDG vacated by the election of FVDG Lion Sandy HEERALAL-JUDHAN. Subsequently, as provided by LCI C&BL Article II Section 9 (revised June 25, 2020), Lion David CHAN PZC of the Toronto Kaiteur Lions Club has been appointed as successor to fill Region Chair 58 vacated by elected SVDG Ferdinand CORONEL to serve for the remainder of the term 2020-2021.

1. First Vice District Governor (FVDG) Sandy HEERALAL-JUDHAN Toronto Centennial Elected
2. Second Vice District Governor (SVDG) Ferdinand CORONEL Toronto Maharlika Elected
3. Region Chairperson 58 (RC-58) David CHAN Toronto Kaiteur Appointed

Many many thanks to the following:
ALL Past District Governors for their attendance, attention, patience, participation and kind co-operation, especially during the run-off elections.

ALL the candidates (Lions Abdullah GAMANDIE PRC, Ann STEVENS CS, Dr Shafi BHUIYAN PRC, Julian AUSTIN PGMTC, Sandy HEERALAL-JUDHAN) for stepping forward to lead our District in the middle of a pandemic, this augurs well for the future leadership of the District, and look forward to your campaign in our next convention (virtual) elections as well.

PID Tom GORDON for his wise counsel as well as LCI Legal for their advice and direction. Nominations and Elections Committee chaired by PDG Sam DAKO, along with C&BL Chair PDG Jeffrey FRIEDMAN, IPDG Dan SIBANDA, GLTC PDG Rollie dela CRUZ, and GSTC PDG Harold HOBSON with technical assistance from MCT Chair Rick EVANS and IT Chair Atma SHIVBARRAN for their invaluable assistance during the planning and execution of this delicate matter.

ALL who made this meeting a success, it is greatly appreciated.


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An expurgated version (contact information removed) of the District Directory is available here.

Lions club members should contact their club president or secretary for the link to the full version.


Fellow Lions,

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