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I hope you are enjoying our warm summer; it is only here for a short while. One of my goals this year is improving on communication and highlighting club achievements. I also want to try to help clubs increase membership through active community service and awareness displays at local community events. The first was held in Hamilton at the “It’s Your Festival.” Lions from several clubs from Hamilton to Scarborough and in-between came out to assist. Growing Lions membership is a team effort. Let me know of a community event in your community and with enough notice, we will try to enhance your visibility.

Share your activities or events with the District so other Lions may join in too.

I realize that some Clubs do not meet in the summer, however, this does not stop you from performing community service, making a difference. Remember to report your activities in MyLion. Share that you are not just a club name but helping in your community. Be proud of all that you do.

As some of you may know, I like to smile and SMILE is the theme I want to share this year.

Service Makes Individual Lives Empowered

Whenever we perform community service, we do not know how many lives we touch, but each person affected has been empowered to carry on, whether we are providing food for the food bank, clothes for the homeless or cleaning a park. All of these activities help to make a difference.

Lions, SMILE and be the difference.

DG Ann Stevens