A711 100% Club Secretary Award

Submitted ByApplicant Club's Secretary
Submit ToCabinet Secretary (followed by District Governor)
Submission DeadlineJune 30, 2023
For AwardingAugust Cabinet Meeting of the Following Lions Year

Winners of this contest will fulfill the Club Secretary Role efficiently and effectively. Completion of all Secretarial administrative tasks will be rewarded. Every Club Secretary has the opportunity to win.


  1. The Secretary must have attended the District leadership school/officer training held in the spring prior to / or at the beginning of the current Lions Year OR an LCI, MDA, USA/Canada Forum Secretary's Workshop during the current Lions Year
  2. The Secretary must have filed Monthly Membership Reports and LCI Activity Reports with LCI by the dates currently required by LCI
  3. The annual PU-101 form must have been received by the District Governor, Vice District Governors, the Cabinet Secretary and LCI by May 15 of the current Lions Year.
  4. The Club President must confirm that correspondence, minutes and other duties of the Secretary have been faithfully attended to during the current Lions year.
  5. As an active member of the District Governor's Advisory Committee, the Secretary must have attended a majority of Zone, Region and Cabinet meetings during the current Lions year.
  6. Applications must include
    1. Club Name, Region & Zone
    2. Club President's Name
    3. Club Secretary's Name
    4. Date of application
    5. Documentation of compliance with all requirements