A711 Internet Communications Award

Annual Club Award for the club that demonstrates the most effective communications through a Club online presence. Outstanding visual impact is of no value if the content is poor. While a balance of pleasing display (images and Videos) and good informative material is desired, the criterion for this award is weighted towards informative content over graphical presentation.

Applications due byMarch 31, 2023
Period of activityApril 1, 2023 to March 31, 2023
Submitted byClub President or Club Webmaster
Receiving OfficerDistrict Webmaster
Presented atDistrict A711 Convention Business Meeting

How Chosen

By selection committee comprising 3 to 5 Lions with Information Technology experience and chaired by District Webmaster. Committee reviews and attests to ratings claimed in application document. Club with highest number of accumulated points is recommended as winner. Committee recommendation submitted to District Awards Chair and District Governor.

Form of Award

Marketing & Communications Proficiency Plaque awarded at District Convention


Points will be awarded OR deducted as follows.

The criterion identified above represents the minimum essential content. Most likely, clubs just establishing a presence on the Internet will not have much more than the above. However, to make the Internet a truly effective communications tool, clubs need to consider providing more information to their immediate community and to other Lions. The following criteria reflect that consideration.

Social Media Presence: