A711 Membership Development Award

Club Award based upon membership growth and retention, training and development, and Involvement in Lionism.

Applications due byMarch 15, 2023
Period of activityApril 1, 2022 to March 31, 2023
Submitted byClub President or Secretary in form of letter
Receiving OfficerZone Chairpersons
Presented atDistrict A711 Convention Business Meeting

How Chosen

Zone Chairperson will review applications, attest to accumulated points claimed, add discretionary points as appropriate and submit highest rated club within their zone to their Region Chairperson. Region Chairpersons will then meet to select overall winner and submit their recommendation to both Awards Chair and District Governor.

Form of Award

Membership Development Plaque Awarded at the District A711 Convention


Membership Committee2 member committee 5 points,
3 members 20 points
Membership Growth20 points to each new member inducted
Inter-Club Visitation5 points for each inter-club visit hosted
5 points for inter-club visit made
(min. 2 members for clubs with less than 19 members,
minimum 3 members for larger clubs)
District Officer School10 points for each club member participating
Convention10 points for the Club(s) hosting a District Convention
5 points for each club member attending a District
Fund-raising5 points for a 5% increase in gross receipts from fund raising project (compared to previous year)
USA/CANADA5 points for each club member attending Leadership Forum
Zone Advisory Meeting15 pts. for Club attending a Zone Advisory Meeting
5 points for Club hosting a Zone Advisory Meeting
Club sponsoring40 points for each Club that sponsors a new Lions Club
Lions Club Fellowships5 points for each Lions Club Fellowship sponsored by the club (Melvin Jones, Brian Stevenson, Helen Keller, Lions Quest)
Zone Chair Discretionary30 points may be allotted by the Zone Chair to any one club in his/her Zone which in the opinion of the Zone Chair has shown exemplary performance during the time frame.

Membership Chair or Committee Member and Sponsor must have met with each Prospective Member.

New Lions must have attended a District sponsored New Lions Orientation Meeting.