A711 Club Visitation Contest

Club Secretaries will now report all club visitations through their MyLCI by selecting the Activity Type "meeting / club visitations" under the heading "Meetings / Administrative Activities". Specify under Activity Description the Club being visited and the number of Lions doing the visitation (Please consider item iii explained below). See A711 Club Visitation Contest - Entry Requirements for details.

Points are scored for the Visitation Contest for each visitation made to the Regular/Directors/Dinner meetings of fellow Clubs in the District. The rules being as follows:

Applications due toCabinet Secretary by March 31, 2023
Period of activityJuly 1, 2022 to March 31, 2023
Submitted byClub Secretary through MyLCI or WEB MyLion
Presented atA-711 District Convention


  1. A minimum of two members must attend for clubs with 19 members or less.
    A minimum of three members must attend for clubs with 20 members or more.
  2. 1 point per visit to a Club in the same Region as the visiting club. 2 points per visit to a Club in a second Region.
    3 points per visit to a Club in a third Region.
    4 points per visit to a Club in a fourth Region.
    Determining the second, third and fourth regions will be from most visited Region to least visited Region.
  3. For each visit, 1 additional point for each Lion in the Club attending the v visitation.
    As an additional incentive, for each visitation:
    1. Add 1 point per Lion in attendance above 10% of the Club's current membership, or
    2. Add 2 points per Lion in attendance above 20% of the Club's current membership.
  4. ONLY visitations to Regular/Directors/Dinner meetings of the host club count. The following activities are NOT considered for club visits:
    • Campaigning for District Officer positions (candidate and 1 Lion are excluded)
    • Official club visit by District Officer (officer and 1 Lion excluded)
    • Convention Promotion (full exclusion)
    • Attending Club Charter Anniversaries
    • Service or fund-raising activities
  5. Members of the District Leadership Team making official visits will not count as one of the two (or three) required members.
  6. Campaign visits cannot be counted as Club visits for the purpose of the recognition award.
  7. "Borrowing" of Club paraphernalia:
    1. Must be restricted to the Club gavel or gong or other small item not vital to the Club's operation
    2. Other property removal, without the Club's permission, will disqualify a reported visit
    3. The Club must be informed as soon as possible after the "borrowing" about how and where to retrieve their property
  8. Applications must include
    1. Names and dates of Clubs visited and participating members
    2. Club Membership as of July 1st of the Lions year in which the visits were made
    3. Date of application