Guyana Flood Relief

Our sincere thanks to all those clubs and Lions that responded to our last two disaster appeals - The St. Vincent Volcano Disaster and the COVID 19 Disaster in India. Lions in District A711 truly rose to those occasions showing that 'WE DO SERVE'. Now members of The A711 Disaster Relief Task Force Committee have been called upon to help with a dire situation in Guyana.

For the last several days Guyana has been experiencing an unprecedented level of intense rainfall which has resulted in severe flooding in several parts of Guyana. The flooding has disrupted economic activities in those affected areas and has also resulted in the loss of farms, livestock and homes - over 25,000 households have been effected. Please see some pictures attached.

District Governor Tebo and members of our Task Force have been in touch with the Lions in Guyana to establish the immediate needs. We found out that residents in some areas have lost everything, and although we will be collecting clothes and other household items to ship at a later date to Guyana, our committee feels that there is an urgent and immediate need for money. We are therefore appealing to all the Clubs in District A711 to make a financial contribution to this cause.

Please Note:

  • All Donated cheques should be sent to the District Treasurer, made payable to District A-711, putting 'Guyana Flood Relief' in the memo space.
  • All donations will be forwarded to the Bank account of the dedicated Bank in Guyana in the care of one of the Lions Club in Guyana.

We are appealing to each and every club in the District to participate in this effort and there is no minimum or maximum amount. But we hope that every club will participate. If members would like to make additional personal donations, you are welcome to do so also, either by sending a cheque or e-transfer to .

PDG Teddy Boyce

On behalf of the Committee, I wish to thank you for your generous support, and to living up to our motto "We Serve."

Thank you!