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Every Lion knows the cornerstones of Lionism are service, leadership and membership. Without members who share their hearts and hands, we have no service. Without members who are willing to take on the roles and responsibilities to lead, service stagnates. Without Lions who are willing to plan and lead, service is likely not to meet our ever-changing community needs. Membership, leadership and service intertwine.

Attending a USA Canada Lions Leadership Forum provides an opportunity to enhance and enrich membership, leadership and service. Before attending the Forum in Reno, why not consider

  • what you need personally to be the best Lion you can be.
  • what your club needs to be the most effective in meeting community needs.
  • what your district or multiple district needs to provide leadership opportunities.

Once you have your list, then compare your needs to the list of seminars. Seminars will be listed in your program, on the website and on the app. Pick what works for you! Then map out your plan to make the most of each day at the Forum. Find seminars that will ignite or re-ignite your Lions’ passion. If you are attending with a fellow Lion, compare your plans. Divide and conquer to get to as many seminars as possible.

In addition, let’s not miss those chances to connect with other Lions while visiting the store, exhibits or the general sessions. There will also be many Lions’ conversations during social times, as well. Take the opportunity to reach out to new Lions, make new friends and compare projects, practices and activities with these Lions. You will find some Lions do things the way you and your club or district does and others do things very differently. That is OK because Lions focus on community needs. Every community is different.

And one more thing, last year in Calgary, the LEOs who did such an outstanding job as volunteers, had an assignment. They had to attend at least five seminars. Then they had to share what they learned with those LEOs who were not able to attend. Imagine the impact that would have on service, leadership and membership if we all went home and shared what we learned at the Reno Forum!

We want to see you Reno!

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Lions Camp Dorset SignThe entrance sign at Lions Camp Dorset, a camp serving people with kidney disease on dialysis in the community.

The Lions Camp Dorset is not a name that most people are familiar with, but for kidney dialysis patients in Ontario, it’s a haven.

Kidney dialysis patients live a life tied to their homes. Treatments lasting several hours and occurring several times a week make it impossible for patients and their families to have a vacation of any kind.

Camp Dorset Resort allows Ontario dialysis patients and their families to spend a week in one of 14 three-bedroom cottages, 15 bachelor apartments, or six trailer/camping spaces and receive their dialysis treatments at the state-of-the-art onsite dialysis unit under the care of two Camp Dorset dialysis nurses, as well as staff from their home hemodialysis unit.

Toronto Doctors Lions Club has held a weekend retreat at the Camp for the last 20 years to raise awareness, networking, and having FUN.

Imagine going to a resort in the amazing setting on the shores of Raven Lake with all the facilities and a great schedule of entertainment and fellowship at the cost of $150 which covers 5 meals (Friday dinner,3 meals Saturday, and Brunch on Sunday. Children younger than age 5 no charge and children ages 6-13: only $30). All meals are prepared and served by the Doctors Lions Club faculty.

There are 15 efficiency units, essentially self-contained bachelor apartments. They contain A three-piece bathroom equipped with a wheelchair-friendly shower enclosure, a living room area; and double or twin beds. Units have radiant in-floor heating. There are garden doors that open out to a patio walkway equipped with lawn chairs. These units are designed for couples.

There are 15 cottages. Every cottage is equipped with three bedrooms (double/twin size beds)a living room, and a 3 or 4-piece bathroom.

  • Guests bring their own pillow covers, bed sheets, and personal care items.
  • The Dialysis retreat is set for October 20 - 22, 2023.
  • Due to limited accommodation, the Club needs to know your confirmation by August 31.

See the District Calendar for details